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  • How much spousal support can I receive?
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If you need answers to questions like these, consult with us, Law Office of Jason G. Smith. Our trusted, full-service family law firm serve individuals throughout Orlando and the Orange County metro area in our office at Winter Garden, Florida. Under the fine eye of my legal team, we will deconstruct your case, and build it into a reconciliation of your wants, and what is legally approachable.

We litigate family law issues including the following: divorce, child custody and visitation rights, child support, spousal support, divorce, modifications of orders, adoption and paternity. In the following paragraphs, you will find a brief overview of Florida statues regarding my practice areas.

Winter Garden Attorney in Business, and Civil Law

Our founding attorney, Jason G. Smith, has over a decade of experience representing clients of varying backgrounds. Consult our law firm in Winter Garden, FL, and we will represent you aggressively, competently and tirelessly, to obtain the results you need with your business, and civil law case.

High-Quality, Cost-Efficient Legal Attorney in Winter Garden, FL

Just as we respect our clients personally, we also respect their financial limitations. Whether you are a wealthy business owner seeking to divide assets equitably in a divorce or a person of more modest means seeking to settle a dispute to keep costs down, our law firm is committed to delivering the best solution for your unique circumstances.

Consult our Divorce Attorney in Winter Garden, FL

One of the most common complaints about lawyers is that they fail to reply to phone calls and other correspondence. Our lawyer is different. You can count on him to listen to you, take your concerns seriously and strive to reach the goals you define. As a highly experienced trial lawyer and negotiator, he has the skills to guide your family legal matter effectively and efficiently. With emotionally taxing cases of divorce, an experienced attorney in Winter Garden will relieve you of many perturbing stresses. Call our firm today at (407)-347-4333.

Florida Laws Relevant to our Practice Areas

Divorce and Alimony

Before reaching the decision to file a divorce, there are numerous marriage counselors in Winter Garden, Florida which you should consult with your spouse. In Florida a divorce, a dissolution of marriage, there are two grounds for divorce. The first is the most frequently declared which is if one party proves that the marriage is, as the law says, “irretrievably broken” then you can file for divorce. The second is if one of the parties is mentally incapacitated for a period of three years. The grounds for divorce are the state will begin the process of divorce. The steps of this process are purely material: the determination of alimony, equitable distribution of assets and debts, child custody if you have a child, and then a parenting plan.

Insurance Claim

Insurance companies in Winter Garden, Florida are plentiful, but they must all abide Florida statutes regarding insurance. If you have been denied your claim, even after an adjuster sums the costs presented in your claim, then you’ve hit a wall, and require an attorney.

Civil Law and Criminal Law

In the state of Florida, civil law and criminal law differ. In civil domestic violence cases, the court protects you from the party that is abusing you, but you are not requesting that the party be imprisoned. Even if you were not physically abused, you can file an injunction for protection against domestic violence. There are many grounds on which you can file for a restraining order. If the abuser violates the restraining order, the police may arrest the party. You can withdraw the case, or proceed with the case and charge the abuser with a criminal law case. The presentation of your case is imperative to the decision the prosecutor will delegate in relevance to the continuance of the case.

Business Law

The Florida Bar defines business litigation as disputes arising from consumer and business relationships, and all the punitive controversy that relationship cumulates. Business litigation is presented either in state courts, or federal courts, and not in county courts.

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