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Families aren’t always easy to maintain, and once rifts began to develop, they face emotionally turbulent times. Whether your family is struggling to stay together or you recognize the need to part ways, you should consult a Georgia family law attorney. Here at the Law Offices of Jason G. Smith in Newnan, we want to help you restore peace in your family.

Every family is different. Our lawyers understand that and take a customized approach to your problems. Whether you have a small family or a large one, we can help you through your difficulties. Our experienced team has the passion and experience to get you the best outcome available to you under Georgia family law.

Understanding the Changing Family Laws in Georgia

In Georgia, the area of family law is always evolving. Child custody laws, alimony requirements, and other family law matters can change. If you want a chance at a successful outcome, you need to work with a family law attorney in Newnan, GA who understands those changes. Our attorneys take the time to stay up-to-date on the latest in family law.

Our years of experience in the field give us insight into how to prepare for your case. We know what strategies work best for your case. More importantly, we know how to utilize those strategies in a courtroom.

Whether you need a prenuptial agreement or a parenting plan, our lawyers can help. When you work with our firm, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re in good hands. We listen to your concerns and we take the time to answer your questions.

Handling Your Family Law Case with Care

Family law is particularly emotional. When it comes to your family, you probably have high emotions. This makes it difficult for you to look at your case from a practical point of view.

Our firm understands the toll that comes with issues like divorce and child custody in Newnan. For that reason, we take the time to listen to you. We want to know what matters to you. Once we do, we use that to drive your case. As we fight for what you want, we keep your goals in mind.

In Newnan, 10.2% of the population is divorced. Despite the high percentage, you could feel very alone. Our lawyers work by your side so you don’t have to handle this trying time on your own.

Leaving Your Case in Our Hands

You have enough to worry about. Instead of letting the stress of your family issues build, you can rely on us. When you give us the opportunity to work on your case, you take the burden off of your shoulders.

Instead of worrying about how to handle your family matter, you can concern yourself with caring for your family. An experienced family law attorney in Newnan, GA can take over your case. When they do, they can alleviate your troubles.

Our team constantly reviews your case to determine the next best move. Whether your case is simple or complex, our attorneys work hard to prepare for a good outcome.

Why Do You Need a Family Law Attorney in Newnan, GA?

Issues like divorce are complex. Even the most straightforward divorce case requires paperwork and a certain amount of negotiation. Our lawyers have experience handling many types of divorces. Whether your case is simple or challenging, our team can handle it in a professional manner.

Their experience makes it possible for you to settle your case in the quickest manner possible. Unfortunately, divorces in Newnan can take months or even years to resolve. When you work with our experienced lawyers, you can limit your chance of a long, drawn-out case. They know what it takes to resolve disputes quickly, whether in court or in mediation.

The median household income in Coweta County rose from 2015 to 2016. Residents have more money and more assets. For that reason, divorce is becoming increasingly complicated. More assets mean more negotiations. You need a family law attorney in Newnan, GA to help you get the best outcome.

There are a few specific ways in which our team can help you:

1. Get Advice without Emotion

Family law issues are charged with emotion. It’s likely that you and anyone who knows you has some strong emotions about the issue of divorce or custody.

If you want objective advice, you need to consult with an outsider. You also need to consult with someone in Newnan who has extensive knowledge of family law. When you do, you get advice from someone who knows your rights. You also receive unbiased advice that puts your best interest first.

2. Get Experience in the Courtroom

If you and the opposing party can’t come to an agreement regarding your family law issues, you might need to go to court. Court can be a scary thing. However, our lawyers can prepare you for the courtroom.

Our lawyers come up with a courtroom strategy that will get you results. They can predict how the opposing lawyer might react and how a judge might think. With a family law attorney in Newnan, GA from our team, you have access to the presence in court that you need.

3. Paperwork Assistance

Family law issues require extensive paperwork. And that paperwork needs to be 100% complete. If you fail to fill it out properly, you could encounter some complications. Your case could take longer to resolve.

As you might expect, that paperwork isn’t always easy. Our attorneys can help you with your paperwork. They make sure you don’t miss any essential details. Additionally, they make sure you fully understand everything.

4. Learn About Your Options

In some family matters, there are several options for legal action. If you are in the midst of a custody dispute, you might not need to go to court. Instead, mediation can be an option.

When you meet with our lawyers, you learn about your options. In many situations, mediation is a great alternative to a courtroom battle. By speaking to a family law attorney in Newnan, GA, you can explore all of your options.

Working with Us

The Law Offices of Jason G. Smith wants to help you with your family law issues. Our experienced team has the skills and knowledge you need to get a good outcome. Contact us today to get started.

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